I first started taking pictures in high school for my Photo I & II and Publications classes.  But, the bug really bit me while I was in the Army.  I was on a tank stationed in West Germany when the Wall was torn down and then went to Desert Storm with a unit from El Paso —  my Minolta always in tow.

Since then, I’ve taken the most indirect route possible to become a photographer!  I’ve been fortunate enough to have worked with some of the finest commercial photographers around, and am eternally grateful for the education, insights, and friendship I have received from them.

In all of my time and travels, I’ve learned one simple truth:

the exotic is everything that isn’t in your every day,
and sometimes it is only a couple of counties over.

I like an “honest” image — a simple one that shows something about the true personality the subject, even if that subject is simply a can of peas.

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